Meet Our Team

We are Test Innovators, a team of educators and technologists dedicated to helping students succeed on standardized tests. We believe that standardized test-taking is a skill you can learn, which will open doors to new opportunities throughout your life. Our decades of experience with test writing and tutoring, combined with our dedication to finding the best technological solutions, provide students with an unparalleled test preparation experience. We believe that with the right tools, a personalized learning path, plenty of practice, and support throughout the process, every student can reach their fullest potential, and find the test preparation process fulfilling rather than stressful.

Nora Martin

Chief Academic Officer

Nora Martin is a co-founder of Test Innovators, our lead test writer and editor, and an experienced standardized test prep instructor and tutor (ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, PSAT, SAT, and ACT). She graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University, and, since 2007, has specialized in creating test preparation materials for school entrance exams. She currently offers test preparation coaching in the Seattle area.

Edan Shahar

Chief Executive Officer

Edan Shahar, co-founder and CEO of Test Innovators, has extensive experience in the realms of technology and education. He has founded several technology companies which turn data into actionable insights. In founding Test Innovators, Edan combines his love of education with a passion for using technology and data to create superior methods to improve student learning.

Dan Cantor

Chief Technology Officer

Dan Cantor, co-founder and lead developer of Test Innovators, has been building web platforms since his childhood. His love of technology is only matched by his love of mathematics. When he's not working to improve the Test Innovators' platform, you might find Dan at home solving advanced algebra questions. Dan has never scored below the 99th percentile on the math portion of a standardized test. He is thrilled to be leading Test Innovators' innovation into a bright future.

Ben Hoglund

Director of Sales and Business Development

Ben Hoglund comes to Test Innovators after several years building relationships with schools, while working at WhippleHill Communications and Blackbaud. Ben is passionate about helping schools solve their problems using the latest technology available. When he's not on the road visiting campuses, Ben spends time in the lakes and mountains of New Hampshire with his wife Avery and their three young children, Harper, Taft and Baird.

Geoff Dennis

Senior Operations Manager

A self-proclaimed standardized test wonk, Geoff came to Test Innovators with years of experience in both the elementary education and online technology fields. Geoff brings a passion for high-quality client experience, a knack for content creation, and a dedication to helping students reach their full potential.

Joanne Cheng

Chief Financial Officer

Joanne, Chief Financial Officer, drives Test Innovators' finance and strategic operations. She has over 17 years of finance experience in venture-backed technology companies. Prior to joining Test Innovators, Joanne held VP of Finance roles at Peoplefluent and Brightcove and Director of Finance role at Carbon Black. She has a bachelor of science degree from MIT in Management Science. Joanne lives outside of Boston with her husband and three children.

Brenna O'Neill

Director of Education

Brenna brings to Test Innovators an intimate knowledge of private schools, standardized tests, and the admissions process. She has worked for years teaching and tutoring students of all ages in math, English, and test prep. Brenna is excited to ensure every student’s success as a content creator, tutor, and resource for families at Test Innovators.

Annie van Hees

Educational Development Manager

After graduating from the University of Washington and working in the corporate tech environment educating peers and colleagues on program usage, Annie switched to teaching English and test preparation while living in South America. She enjoys helping students achieve their full potential and is excited to bring her experience as a student and as a teacher to the Test Innovators team.

Rebecca Caldera

UX Designer

Deeply passionate about science and design, Rebecca works to improve the experience of our learning tools. When she's not focused on usability or making things beautiful, you might find her hiking around the Pacific northwest, rolling nat 20s, or learning new skills from local farmers and artisans in Washington.

Elisabeth Gross

Software Engineer

Elisabeth brought her passion for solving difficult problems and and ed tech all the way from New York. After studying biology in college, Elisabeth discovered her love for software soon after graduating and continued on to Grace Hopper Academy where she both learned and taught web development. When Elisabeth isn't coding, she loves to spend time outside with her dog Becky.

Erin Lynch

Senior Tutor

Erin holds two master’s degrees, and has worked with individuals ranging from kindergarteners to college students. Over the last several years, she has had the opportunity to teach test prep in a variety of settings, as well as working as a private tutor, college instructor, and teaching artist. She has a passion for working with children to build on their unique strengths, and is thrilled to use her range of skills and preparation to empower each individual student.

Joshua Dolim

Senior Operations Associate

Joshua brings Test Innovators years operations experience at software companies like T-Mobile and Pushpay. Earlier in his life he taught students in far-flung places like Venezuela. These days you might find him racing RC cars or at the movie theatre with his wife catching the latest bad blockbuster.

Matt Wright


Matt works as a Senior Data & Applied Scientist at Microsoft, focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Matt served as an Arabic linguist and human intelligence collector in the US Army for 12 years, including a twelve-month combat deployment to Afghanistan. He holds a BA in Near Eastern Languages & Civilization and post-graduate certificates in Business Intelligence and SQL Server Development from the University of Washington.

Zach Moody

Senior Academic Manager

Zach realized that teaching would be his calling while working as a tutor and teaching assistant in the biology and chemistry departments at Swarthmore College. Always keen to explore, he spent 6 years teaching in classrooms across Vietnam and Korea. Now he leads a team of experts who tailor lessons to each student's specific needs, leveraging technology to teach test-specific skills and imbue each and every student with greater confidence.

Terry Purcell

Academic Specialist

Terry's life has been guided by a passion for learning as well as teaching, and he has spent the last decade as a teacher, mentor, coach, and tutor. In his free time, his adventures include geocaching, competing in the Tetris World Championship, and relocating his home every three months as the spouse of a travel nurse.


Academic Manager

Vu's early love for helping classmates with geometry paved the way for over 20 years of teaching, connecting and cultivating what would eventually become life as an MIT-Logarhythm-turned-Electrical-Engineer-turned-Soul-R&B singer. An unshakable emphasis on creativity & integrated technology weaves the cutting edge of his efforts, as he designs environments for maximum learning potential.

Anne Martin

Test Writer

Anne Martin brings her long-standing commitment to teachers and learners to test writing. Her experience includes teaching internationally, a thirty-year career as a U.S. community college instructor, and expertise in the assessment of teaching and learning as well as curriculum design. Anne was awarded a Fellowship at the Washington Center for Excellence in Undergraduate Education, the Edmonds Community College Excellence in Education Award, and the national award of Distinguished Contributions to Undergraduate Sociology from the American Sociological Association.

Morgan Chase

Test Writer

Morgan Chase is an experienced writer at Test Innovators. He has taught and tutored SAT and SAT Subject Tests since 1993, taught high school math for 7 years and college level math for 8 years, and prior to his work with Test Innovators, spent 4 years developing test prep materials and curriculum for SAT, SAT Subject Tests, PSAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, and the SHSAT.

Daralina Komar

Academic Specialist

Daralina discovered her passion for teaching after studying history at the University of Pennsylvania. She went on to earn her Master’s Degree in Social Science Education at Columbia University. Daralina is a humanities guru, specializing in History, English, Writing and Spanish--kids and parents love her enthusiasm and ability to make learning truly fun.


Morale Manager

Becky came to Test Innovators after several years of providing emotional support and boosting morale in Brooklyn. Her passion for education and technology combined with her experience made Becky and the Test Innovators team a match made in heaven. Her day-to-day responsibilities include spending time sleeping under EVERY team member's desk, helping eat the office snacks, and looking cute.