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ISEE prep inspiration

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Doodle while we work #3

ISEE test questions

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ISEE top tips


ISEE Pacing – Correct pacing is one of the most important skills to master. While different questions may take more or less time to answer, you don’t want to spend more than a couple minutes on any one question (unless you’re done with all others). On the essay, it’s essential to learn how to outline and write out 4 to 5 paragraphs in 30 minutes; hence, practice is critical!

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Doodle while we work #2

ISEE questions

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Doodle while we work

ISEE test answers

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5 tips for a perfect exam day

  • Drink up: Make a point to drink enough water on your exam day.
  • Don’t stay up: Many people stay up late the night before an exam. This leaves our brains exhausted the next day, which can affect exam performance. Getting plenty of sleep before exams is a must.
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How is the ISEE essay graded?

Many of my students ask me how the ISEE essay is graded. I answer: It is not “graded” but rather sent to the schools to which you apply.

So, who reads your essay? People who work in admissions at your schools of choice.

The 30-minute timed ISEE essay is their opportunity to see how you write without any assistance or adult editors.

What do they look for?

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ISEE Reading Comprehension

For many students, the ISEE’s Reading Comprehension section is daunting.

Students have about five minutes to read each of a handful of passages and answer their adjoining questions.

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