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Welcome to the home of full-length ISEE practice tests.

We at Test Innovators are a cohort of educators dedicated to helping students succeed on standardized tests. With extensive experience as both tutors and professional writers, we created the best Lower, Middle, and Upper Level full-length ISEE practice tests available. We look forward to supporting you in your educational success!

For students applying to grades 5 & 6

Lower Level ISEE

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For students applying to grades 7 & 8

Middle Level ISEE

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For students applying to grades 9 - 12

Upper Level ISEE

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  • My daughter had her ISEE test a few weeks away. I found ISEE practice tests and bought them. They were very effective in helping my daughter when she took the test.


  • Thanks iseepracticetest I bought both all the materials for my level and it really helped me prepare.

    8th grader

  • We just got our scores back are delighted with the results. These materials made the difference


  • My name is Ben. I’m going to take the Lower Level ISEE. Something that has helped me a lot is that these practice tests have made me more confident. They also helped me get better at a lot of work skills.

    5th grade