Advice for ISEE Test Day

Test Day Information

The day before the test, relax, read a book, get some exercise, and get plenty of sleep. (In fact, you should prioritize sleep the entire week before the test as those earlier nightsʼ sleep will be critical.)

On the morning of the test, wake up with ample time to eat a good breakfast and head to the test center so that you arrive at (or before!) your check-in time.


Do not attempt to study or cram last-minute information on the night before or day of the test! This will only cause undue stress and anxiety. Now is the time to feel confident in everything you've already done to prepare.

What to bring to the test


Verification letter




A snack



Verification Letter: This will be emailed to you when you register for the test and confirms the test date, time, and location.

Identification: Any of the following constitutes a valid form of identification: library card, birth certificate, social security card, school report card, school ID, passport, or green card.

For paper/pencil testing:

4 pencils

Four #2 pencils


Four erasers

2 pens

Two pens with blue or black ink (for the essay)

Prohibited items:

Everything not listed above. This includes:
no calculator


no cell phones

Cell phones

no scratch paper

Scratch paper (provided at computer testing locations)

no notes