ISEE Test Dates

ISEE Testing Seasons

The ISEE has three testing seasons per year. Students can take the ISEE once per testing season:

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Aug - Nov



Dec - Mar



Apr - Jul

If possible, we recommend that you plan to be able to take the test twice. This helps alleviate the pressure of a single testing date, and if the first test goes well, you don't have to take it again.

This means that your first test date must be before the end of November (probably in October or November), and your second test date can be in December or January. Check the testing deadlines for the schools to which youʼre applying to make sure that you test in time. You will probably need to take the test by January, but there are occasional exceptions.

ISEE Test Format Options

There are three ways you can take the ISEE:

  • Paper test at a testing site
  • Online test at a Prometric testing center
  • Online test through ISEE At Home via ProProctor (only available in the U.S. and Canada as of September 2020)

The process for finding test dates will depend on whether you are taking a paper test or an online test.

Finding ISEE Paper Test Dates

To find a list of paper test dates in your area, use the Find Test Dates page on the ERB website. From the Testing Method menu, choose Paper before beginning your search.

Finding ISEE Online Test Dates

To find online test dates, you'll need to create an account on the ERB website and begin the test registration process for your student. Here are the general steps you'll need to complete on the ERB and Prometric websites before you are able to search for test dates.

  1. Log in to or create your ERB account.
  2. Add or select the student you want to create a registration for.
  3. Create a new registration for the selected student.
  4. From the Testing Method menu, choose Online to view the available online testing periods.
  5. Select the testing period you'd like to register for, and after a few prompts you'll be sent to the Prometric website.
  6. On the Prometric website, after some informational screens, you'll be asked to choose how you would like to take the online test: at a Prometric Test Center or through the ISEE At Home option.
  7. Continue through the registration process until you reach the search dates screen. Here you can search for available test dates in 2-week spans.

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