The Only Officially Endorsed ISEE Prep Program

Test Innovators and ERB, publisher of the ISEE, have teamed up to ensure that every student has access to high-quality test preparation tools. Our organizations believe in the importance of leveling the playing field for all test takers, decreasing test-related anxiety through familiarization, and empowering students to use test prep as a learning tool.

Here are some of the exciting new changes we've launched with our partnership:

New Official Content: We now offer two additional tests from ERB: a free sample test from the What to Expect Guide, and a full-length official retired ISEE test. Check out ISEE prep options.

Free Access for Students with Fee Waivers: In support of our mission to create equitable opportunities for all, students with ISEE fee waivers will have free access to all of our online preparation resources. Please visit this link to redeem your fee waiver.

Resources for Schools and Access Organizations: ISEE preparation resources are also available to schools and access organizations: contact us to get started.

Learn more about our partnership on ERB's website.

Student Benefits


1 Official retired ISEE exam and free What to Expect Guide by ERB


Anxiety reduction resources designed for students and parents


Timing analysis to build critical time-management skills


Strategy videos to boost mastery and confidence


Live tutor consultation to analyze and discuss student performance


Personalized prep plan with recommendations for next steps