ISEE Quantitative Reasoning Overview

The Quantitative Reasoning section is one of two math sections on the ISEE. This section focuses primarily on problem-solving skills and critical thinking. These types of problems frequently do not require significant calculation, but rather numerical and logical reasoning.

Quantitative Reasoning Subjects:

  • Numbers and Operation

  • Algebra

  • Geometry

  • Measurement

  • Data Analysis and Probability

  • Problem Solving

On the Lower Level ISEE, this section contains only word problems. For the Middle and Upper Levels of the test, there are two types of questions in the section: word problems and quantitative comparisons. Quantitative comparisons always have the same four answer choices, and look like this:

Column A:
½ of 60
Column B:
⅓ of 100

(A) The quantity in Column A is greater.
(B) The quantity in Column B is greater.
(C) The two quantities are equal.
(D) The relationship cannot be determined from the information given.