ISEE Reading Comprehension Overview

In the Reading Comprehension section, students will be asked to read passages dealing with a variety of subjects.

Reading Passage Subjects:

  • Science

  • History

  • Arts

  • Contemporary Life

They will then be asked to answer questions based on the information given in each passage. The Lower Level Reading Comprehension section has 5 passages with 5 questions each, and the Middle and Upper Level Reading Comprehension sections have 6 passages with 6 questions each. Students can expect to see a variety of different question types on this section.

Reading Question Types:

  • Main Idea

  • Supporting Idea

  • Inference

  • Vocabulary in Context

  • Tone/Style/Figurative Language Organization/Logic

Below is an example of an organization/logic question:

Which best describes the organization of this passage?
(A) Facts are followed by opinions
(B) An argument is stated and then defended
(C) Events are outlined in chronological order
(D) A problem is presented and then possible solutions given