Competitive ISEE Scores

The purpose of the ISEE is to provide school admissions panels with a standardized metric they can use to compare applicants from different schools. Because of this, it is a central part of the application.

However, it is important to remember that it is just that: one part of the application. The transcript, interview, recommendations, essays, and other components of the application are all critical for successful applicants. That said, we have seen that low scores can be an obstacle to admissions, especially for competitive schools that receive a large number of applications.

The Test Innovators website displays data on score ranges that have historically made students competitive applicants at different schools. These are designed to provide directional information but are by no means absolute.

Here's what this school data looks like:

ISEE Schools Data

View this information for all of the schools you are interested in here:

As you look through the information on your target schools, remember that there are many parts to an application. Scores in the green range do not guarantee admission, nor do scores in the red range preclude it.