Test Anxiety Resources


Test Anxiety 101

It’s test day. Your exam sits in front of you on the desk as the teacher speaks to a silent room. You have freshly sharpened #2 pencils at the ready, and you've brought a bottle of water and a healthy snack for the breaks. The proctor pauses for a moment, then says the final words, "You may begin." In this moment...

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4 Ways that Test Prep Reduces Test Anxiety

Test preparation is known to increase performance on high-stakes tests, but how does it help with test anxiety? Research has shown that exposure, habit formation, skills development, and online preparation are all effective methods to reduce test anxiety, and each method is linked to test...

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    Student Guide

    Think of the last time you took a big test. What were you thinking about during the test? Did you feel good or bad during the exam? When thinking about the upcoming test, what are your thoughts and feelings about it? Have these thoughts and feelings motivated you to prepare more or less...

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    Parent Guide

    The school application process is tough: the applications, the deadlines, the interviews, and the lengthy exams can easily cause elevated levels of stress for both students and their parents. It's common (and completely normal) for students to feel anxious; however, we have provided some helpful tips for parents...

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