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We asked parents why they chose Test Innovators and they called in from their homes to tell us about their test prep experience.

Lev told us that after extensive research, he chose Test Innovators as the best all-inclusive program. He loved the individual approach that addressed the specific needs of his daughter, Lily, and was extremely pleased with the results, which got her into her first-choice school, Poly Prep Country Day School.

Rachel said that Test Innovators taught her daughter what to expect on the test and how to tackle all of the sections successfully. Her daughter's test scores increased dramatically and with them, her confidence.

Josh F. tried other materials before he found Test Innovators, but none of them provided the depth of material and diagnostic features that his daughter, Ellie, needed to get into her first-choice school, Gann Academy.

Jen told us that Test Innovators was the perfect option for her son. By completing the recommended practice, he made incredible progress and felt entirely prepared on test day.

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“Your practice tests were essential in determining specific areas where our student could prepare for the test.”

—Parent of student accepted to Harvard-Westlake

“Thank you for your high-quality practice tests. My daughter did not think anything was a surprise on the real ISEE. In contrast, I prepared her older sister with another test prep book, and much was a surprise. Thanks again!”

—Parent of 8th grader applying to Oak Knoll School

“My daughter's scores improved dramatically from the first practice test through the fifth. We were very pleased with your service and especially with the consultation with one of your tutors. We've recommended you to some friends as well. Thank you.”

—Parent of a student accepted to Wildwood

“I was so disappointed that I had found your site so late in the game! What a help it was though to see exactly what he needed help in. The way it's broken down to see exactly what needed improvement was a tremendous help! Thank you again for putting out such an amazing study tool.”

—Sheri, parent of student applying to Poly Prep

“In a short period of time, less than two weeks, my child was able to review and take practice exams which gave her comfort and confidence when taking the exam. Your customer service and support is outstanding and is unique for an online program. Please keep it up and stay accessible to the client. It makes all the difference in the experience. Thank you!”

—Parent of a 6th grader applying to The Windward School, Los Angeles

“My daughter prepared for her ISEE for a month on your site. I saw significant improvement from the first test to the third test in the following areas: time management and test taking skills. Her scores jumped and so did her confidence. She got a stanine score of 9 in Quantitative Reasoning and and 8 in her Mathematics Achievement. The practice tests really prepared her with test taking skills and confidence. Thanks a lot.”

—Parent of student applying to Forest Ridge

“This is my 5th year of ISEE 'season,' and I can honestly say that your materials are by far the best. Both comprehensive and on-point for the actual exam, the online practice tests make it easy to guide my young student. I'm delighted to have this program available for use at home, and it is at a fraction of the cost I've spent in previous years.

It's already clear that the practice tests are making a difference, and we fully expect that your program will help my son gain admission to the middle school of his choice”

—Parent of a 6th grader applying to The Windward School, Los Angeles

“Thanks for all the help on the ISEE prep. Our son got into both of the schools he applied to!”

—Parent of student accepted to Jesuit Dallas and John Paul II

“I believe my child's ability to take the real test improved because of your sample tests. Part of this came from studying the content with him, and a big part I suspect was simply that taking another test came to seem like no big deal, and the real one was just one more. So he was very relaxed when we went for the ISEE. Thanks!”

—Parent of student accepted to Avenues

“We feel that your site and products truly helped our child prepare for the actual ISEE. The feedback & tracking sections were invaluable to all of us. It really gives a much more detailed picture as to areas of strengths and weaknesses. We feel like the practice tests were extremely helpful in preparing our child for what to expect on (and how to take) the actual test. Very, very glad we subscribed to your site and feel that our overall experience was A++”

—Parent of 6th grader applying to The Altamont School

“There aren't too many ISEE practice tests out there, but these helped me become prepared for my ISEE. In 7th grade I was super anxious for the tests but after a couple weeks of using tests from ISEEpracticetest.com I feel extremely confident for the ISEE.”

—Olivia C, 8th grade

“I am so glad that we used your ISEE test prep for my son's Middle Level Test. Of all the material that we used, this was by far the best in terms of test preparation. The combination of paper tests and online tests with immediate scoring not only provided a real world simulation but also allowed us to focus on the areas that needed work. The level of questions were also reflective of the real test and the ISEE sample test unlike some of the other prep material that we used.”

—Parent of a 6th grade student

“Your practice tests really helped my daughter manage her time. On the first test she ran short on time, however by the third one she was managing her time so well that she had a few minutes left over to check her work.”

—Parent of a student accepted to Brearley

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